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DJs, performers and creators are a special breed of people.  Trusted relationships are an important thing for them when making a buying decision.  The DJs Guru is a website and community based on building and nurturing relationships and most importantly helping.

We do that by being independent and working for them, not taking “Money for reviews” or just doing it for “Free gear”.  We will not  recommend or stand next to brands or products that don’t align with our core values to help people learn, grow and succeed.  When we do, we’re honest about what is good and what is bad on a particular topic, in a fair and professional way usually relevant to the price.

Let us help your brand connect with the people who buy your products.  Our blog, live Streams and in-depth video reviews are just a few of our marketing products, but it goes much deeper and we’d love to discuss it with you more.  We have special programs for social media, email and customer journey campaigns along with 20+ years of experience in understanding what DJs, performers and creators want.  We know how to connect with them, because we are them.

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