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Welcome to The DJs Guru RCF Evox 12 Review.  The RCF Evox 12 is a capable, flexible and portable column array pa system for the modern musician or DJ.  Not only have we tested and reviewed this product, but we loved it so much that we kept it after testing. In fact, we currently use it in our production event division (One of the only times we’ve actually bought something we reviewed).

If you’re looking for a top-quality, next-generation speaker system that doesn’t compromise sound or bottom end of its price range, then keep on reading.

The Basics.

In the first part of our RCF EVOX 12 review, we’ll go over the basics of this premium portable column array system. It’s built with a solid baltic birch wooden cabinet lending a warm sound to the speaker’s tone (and a robust construction). Inside the subwoofer is a 1400 watt amplifier supplying power to both the woofer and the column section.

The bottom end is home to a 15″ subwoofer that comes in at around 60 lbs. The column array comprises 8 individual 4″ neodymium drivers with a 90×30 degree dispersion angle and weighs about 30 lbs.  The column unit sits atop a pole in the subwoofer and connects to the amp via cable. While some people don’t like this aspect of the system, it’s typical among the more higher-end column arrays.

One thing that should be pointed out here is the pole system and the 90 x 30 degree dispersion. When combined, they allow you to pan the arrays in any direction for better coverage depending on your environment.  The built-in proprietary FirPhase DSP helps deliver the respected and well-known RCF signature sound that’s crystal clear.

Initial Testing.

The first thing that stood out to us during our review was the portability of the EVOX 12. If you haven’t gigged with a column array before, you should. Most likely, you’ll fall in love with how easy it is to transport in and out of venues (one cart trips are totally possible).

The first song we fired up on the system was a slower hip-hop track. The clarity was immediately noticeable – we heard sounds we don’t normally hear on 2-way PA cabinets. Thanks to the wide dispersion pattern, as we walked around the testing area the sound was extremely balanced and even.

The testing continues…

The second song we tested was a more EDM-oriented track (we wanted to hear that juicy kick drum again). The 15″ subwoofer delivered – we FELT the bass as much as we heard it. Bumping the gain up, we noticed the reduced flex of the cabinet thanks to the wooden construction that leads to higher output.

What’s different from most PA speakers was the sound quality – it didn’t seem “in your face.” The sound was smooth and not fatiguing no matter what position we were in.  All of our testing was initially done with the volume knob set at the 12:00 position. We didn’t feel like we were even close to what the speakers could do, so we ramped up the volume a little more.

Then, we turned to a rock track to see how the speakers would fare for a live group. The heavy guitars and vocals didn’t distort despite the crazy high levels which is no small feat. All of the instruments could be heard clearly with plenty of separation between the musicians.

Pushing The Limits.

So how far can you push the EVOX 12? We decided to see for ourselves with a little “Red line” test. We pushed our volume sliders and gain knobs higher and higher looking for that limiter light to turn on. At this point, we were running out of space to turn up our signal.

Finally, near almost the complete maximum gain on our mixer, we saw a little hint of red light on the speaker. We moved out from behind the speaker and even though the volume was crazy loud the sound was still crystal clear.

An Up-Close Look.

After scaring off all of the neighborhood birds and neighbors, we brought the volume down to take a closer look at the back panel of the speaker. Similar to most RCF speakers, you’ll find an XLR in and out, a 1/4″ output, a flat/boost EQ button, a volume knob, and a mic/line switch.

The Neutrik connection is something we love to see – locking power cords are always a plus. Nobody wants to trip on their power cord and shut down their sound system. We also really appreciate the attention to detail that RCF put into every aspect of the product. For example, they include a few small clips to keep the cable running to the column hidden against the mounting pole.

I know we’ve already touched on portability, but there’s something even better than its compact size. On the back of the subwoofer, above the control panel, is an extendable luggage-style transport handle.

On the bottom you’ll find a set of small casters as well. Simply press the button, extend the handle, and you can roll the system into a venue without the need for a cart or a dolly.  They’re not extremely robust and a little quirky, but it’s convenient to have them there.

What We Like.

If you can’t already tell, we were very impressed by the RCF EVOX 12. What stands out first for us (and what’s most important) is the sound quality. As usual, RCF does not disappoint when it comes to crystal clear audio. With the 8 speaker drivers in the column, the sound came across in a way we can only describe as pleasing. It was warm, full, and some of the best we’ve heard from a column array.

Next, we love how portable the entire system is. 60 lbs isn’t much for a subwoofer and a pair of them fit easily into our car. Rolling up to the venue with the extendable handles and casters made the process a breeze.

Lastly, we love the aesthetic of the speaker. RCF’s construction and design is simply sexy and comes across as professional and polished. Their Italian-made quality is evident everywhere, from the solid wood cabinets to the sleek speaker grills. We all want to be able to have pride in our gear and know we can trust it. Just picking up this system inspires confidence that it will do its job no matter what.

What We’d Change.

Nothing is a perfect system and everything is built for its price point. If we could change something about the system, it would be the handle and the casters. While we are super happy they’ve included them, they just feel a little clumsy and cheap, especially when compared to the quality of the rest of the speaker. It’s not too big of a deal, as the wheels and handle seem more of a “bonus” at this price anyway, but it’d be great to see some upgrades there.

The other thing we wish we could change is the mixer area on the back of the subwoofer. RCF puts its focus on sound quality and performance, which isn’t a bad thing. However, it would be awesome to have more connection options around back instead of a single XLR input. We always suggest that DJs carry a separate mixer for their gigs anyway, but even just an additional XLR or an aux input for backup would be great to see.

The only other con we can see people having about this system is the cable. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to us, but we know DJs enjoy the quick magnetic-snap design of other column arrays. We understand why RCF went the cable route, as it seems to be a more fail-proof design common among higher-end companies.

Bringing It All Together.

We were more than impressed during our RCF EVOX 12 review. This seems to hit the perfect sweet spot of output, sound quality, and portability for a column array. If you’re looking for a system like this and power and clarity are your top priorities, you really can’t go wrong. The EVOX 12 gets our stamp of approval and our recommendation!

We would say you can do events of up to 250 people or so, with just 2 of these (Maybe more) depending on the room.  So we feel it can be a MAIN system for a DJ, band, musician or anyone that needs powerful, portable sound in a sleek and sexy design.

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