RCF HD10AMK4 Speaker Review

DJs Guru Fam – the day had come to do our RCF HD10 MK4 speaker review and demo/test.  It was one of the hottest days of the summer, it was supposed to reach 100 degrees that day.  This said “Tour Speaker” grade $449 speaker (HD-10a MK4) was going to get a stress today. I just didn’t realize how well it would handle it.

The first thing I did was set it up early and leave it in the sun for close to 6 hours. I wanted to see if I could just walk up, turn it on and go. Why? This is exactly what you need to have happened when you’re working.

When I came back to the setup to start my video, it did exactly that.  The system was set and ready to go with the sound set for full throttle just to really give it a real-world situation.  After loading up my first “Royalty-free” track and hitting play I almost fell over.

One word, 4 letters. Woah.

RCF “D line” Series

HD Series brings “Touring grade” quality into a smaller size and more affordable price range.  It has a sleek design, rugged abs, and a versatile multi-use cabinet.  At only $449 the RCF HD-10A combines a portable size and quite the punch.  Are you looking for a perfect speaker for almost any application and the perfect speaker for today’s new-age performance gear? This speaker absolutely deserves a look.


Compact size and portability.

Coming in at just a hair over 26 lbs. 24″ wide and about 12″ tall, the HD-10A MK4 packs quite a punch in a compact size.  The ABS cabinet is sexy looking and feels of good quality and durable. The best part is you can easily hold them by the top handles and walk right into a gig with ease.

The wedge design makes it easy to floor mount for use as a stage monitor and a steel pole mount so that they may be used for live sound and PA as well.  In our RCF HD-10A MK4 Speaker Review and demo video, you can see all of this extremely well.  These are definitely some reasons why we believe this may be the best-powered speaker under $450.

Sexy and they know it.

In our RCF HD10AMK4 Speaker Review, we saw aggressive grill stying and a clean style cabinet. We admit it –  the HD-10A MK4 is one sexy cabinet.  It may be the sexiest cabinet under $500 we’ve ever seen too.  When placed on a speaker pole they have a tremendous presence, look extremely professional, and scream elegance.  At the bottom of this post, you can click a link to see them in our YouTube video HD-10A MK4 Speaker Review.

Incredible sound quality.

As stated above, the moment I first heard them my ears immediately woke up.  I just couldn’t believe all that sound was coming out of that little 26 lb speaker cabinet. I mean c’mon – I drove over in the front seat of my car (both of them)! The first word that comes to mind when describing the sound is crisp, then rich and full.

For me, RCF sound tuning is just pleasant on the ears and that goes back to their Mackie days and the original SRM450.  My sound test was in a backyard which is the perfect place for these. As I moved around the yard, the 90×70 degree pattern gave me very even coverage and the DB levels seemingly stayed consistent.

Keep in mind, the outdoors is the ideal situation for sound as there is nothing for it to bounce off of. Why? Because it carries well (just think of your last block party).


Basic Mixer.

It’s hard to fault RCF for this when the speaker comes in at $449 as of the time writing this blog.  That said, this is a blog and we have to just mention that if you’re looking for the “Swiss army knife” speaker this is not it.  However, if you just need great sound from a DJ controller, a kick-ass PA speaker, or the perfect floor or DJ monitor then this is the speaker for you.

Since the con is really not so negative, we’ll take this time to make one quick point. Every DJ or performer needs to get themselves a USB line mixer from Mackie, RCF, Behringer, Yamaha, or whoever. It will be one of the most useful things you’ll ever buy.

Output issues.

The XLR output is post gain, which for DJs doesn’t really mean or matter all that much so don’t sweat this one.  Now, if you’re a performer or desiring to use this output for mixdowns, you will obviously not be happy as you’re getting the sound post-processing.

When trying to figure out why RCF made the speaker this way I believe that it simply comes down to cost.  Most people will not need that, and for the price, you simply can’t be mad. You’re getting so much sound and performance for your money.


We hope you enjoyed our RCF HD-10A MK4 Speaker Review and demo blog post.  The RCF HD-10A MK4 is what I would consider the perfect speaker for today’s event DJ, mobile performer.

They are perfect for any application where elegant style, small size yet impressive sound are needed.  The very few negatives make this almost a no-brainer and I think I can feel comfortable saying that this is the best-powered speaker available today for under $450!

I give this speaker an A and the only it doesn’t get the plus is because of the aforementioned mixer and output issues.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the genius speaker covers that can be left on if you’re outdoors and it starts raining in a pinch.

What did you think of this review, what did we miss?  Questions, ideas drop them in the comments below.

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