Ape Labs are known for many things, but above all else, their products are unique. From their rock-solid build quality to their LED diodes, Ape Labs lights turn heads. These made-in-Germany par cans, sticks, and uplights have come to form the backbone of many a DJ’s, band’s, and venue’s lighting setup. After years of success with their original V1 lights, Ape Labs has finally released the updated V2 models. These revamped versions offer a whole host of new upgrades and features including an IP rating, increased brightness, a new LED color, onboard operation, and even a complete aesthetic redesign. In this Ape Labs Lighting Guide, we’ll give over all these exciting updates. Additionally, we’ll break down each model within the Ape Labs lineup, giving you all the essential details so that you can pick the best light for your business.


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Ape Labs Lighting Guide – Upgrades

A company learns a lot about its product after releasing the first version. This is no doubt true with Ape Labs, as they added a LOT of great upgrades to version 2.0. It can be tough to find things to improve on when you get so much right with the first go, but Ape Labs has honed in on some great additions that only further increase the value proposition of their lights. Here are a few of our favorite new features.


Complete Aesthetic Redesign

The first thing anyone noticed about the original Ape Labs lights were their cases. Unlike the traditional plain black or white housings seen from almost every other manufacturer, Ape Labs was bold and went with a mirror-like finish and a colorful faceplate. It was unique, no doubt, but polarizing – you either loved them or hated them. For V2, Ape Labs has chosen to dial back the extravagance. They’ve replaced the mirror finish with an elegant black or cream body that looks modern and refined. They also updated the faceplate to a more subdued black and gray pattern that is still visually appealing but less “in your face.”

The addition of cream to the lineup means these lights won’t look out of place at more elegant events. They’ll be able to blend into almost any decor easily. The housing is still made of stainless steel, so you know they’ll handle the abuse of gigging life.


IP65 Rating

As more and more events move outdoors to barns, fields, and patios, DJs are looking for protection for their valuable lights from the elements. Ape Labs is obviously listening, because the V2 lights are now IP65 rated. The 2 digits in the IP rating say how the light will hold up against dust and liquids, respectively. The first digit, 6, means that the light housing is completely sealed against dust. The second digit, 5, means that the light can withstand low-pressure jets of water from every angle. In practical terms, the Ape Labs V2 fixtures should be able to handle any sort of rain, sleet, snow, hail, or dust storm that could occur. Now mobile entertainers and venues don’t have to worry about their investment getting damaged by surprise weather.


Brighter LED Diodes

Another important upgrade that Ape Labs has made is in the diodes themselves. While the actual number and wattage of the LEDs has not changed, LED technology has come a ways since version 1.0. Accordingly, the V2 LEDs are more efficient and therefore brighter than their older siblings. This means that you’re getting more light output while consuming the same amount of energy. Batteries will last longer and bulbs will stay cooler. Oh, and the LED diodes have some adjustability – the refresh rate, for example, can be controlled via smartphone app.


New LED color – Amber White

Continuing with the LED diodes, it’s worth pointing out that Ape Labs has made some changes to the diode colors. V1 contained red, green, blue, and white LEDs, with the white being of the “cool white” variety. Recognizing that many event professionals are in need of warmer tones, Ape Labs has swapped out the old white LED for a warmer, amber-toned diode. This opens up a whole palette of color-mixing options not previously possible, with warmer yellows, reds, and oranges.


Onboard Operation

Last but not least, we were super excited to see that Ape Labs has now added onboard control to their lights. Previously, Ape Labs lights needed their remote control to function, and switching the light on without the remote would cause it to simply revert to its last mode. Now users can cycle through colors and modes in a pinch without the remote if they happen to forget it at home. Despite this addition, the surface of the housing is still very sleek and streamlined and the aesthetic of the german-made design is not interrupted by multiple buttons or a screen.


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Ape Labs Lighting Guide – Model Breakdown

Now that we’ve covered all of the improvements and upgrades to the entire Ape Labs product line, let’s dive into the individual models. We’ll talk about each light individually and share some tips about the best scenarios, venues, and events that each would excel at.


Ape Labs MAXI 2.0 IP

Ape Labs Up Lighting Ape Labs Maxi 2.0 IP Creme | Solo Ape Labs Maxi 2.0 IP Creme Rechargeable Battery Powered Wireless Wash UplightIf we had to pick one light that offers the most versatility in the Ape Labs lineup, we’d choose the Ape Labs MAXI 2.0 IP. It has the most traditional form factor and can be used in a wide variety of situations. 3×15 watt LEDs make it plenty powerful for most events. While 15 degrees is the standard beam angle, you are able to change the dispersion with a variety of accessory optics. Whether you opt to set it on the ground as an upright or use a bracket for a wash effect, the Ape Labs MAXI 2.0 IP can handle it all.

Best applications: weddings, corporate events, venue house lighting, dance floor wash, structural and architectural lighting



Ape Labs MINI 2.0 IP

Ape Labs Up Lighting Ape Labs Mini 2.0 IP Rechargeable Battery Powered Wireless Up Light RoadPack (6pc)The Ape Labs MINI 2.0 IP is something to behold. Using only a single LED diode, it’s able to achieve a brightness almost as high as the original Maxi! However, this is accomplished in a tiny, portable housing that can slip almost anywhere. Like the other 2.0 lights, it has an AmberWhite LED inside for a wide color palette. Even with such a small package, the MINI 2.0 can last up to 12 hours on a single battery charge. It’s quiet and discreet, without the need for a cooling fan. Like the MAXI, it comes in both gray and cream finishes.

Best applications: truss warming, uplighting, stage lighting, table underlighting, architectural lighting



Ape Labs CAN 2.0 IP

ape labs lighting guide canOne of the first Ape Labs inventions is also one of the best. Now, with version 2.0, the Ape Labs CAN 2.0 IP is even better. About the size of an energy drink can, this compact but powerful uplight looks very different from most on the market. Two different optics are included – a standard 15-degree angle lens as well as the classic 65-degree effect lens that Ape Labs is known for. The housing is aircraft-grade aluminum, finished with the sexy new black or cream wraps. There are even accessories available to make this light a table or tube lamp in seconds.

Best applications: table lighting, ambient lighting, mobile path lighting, facade lighting, profile lighting



Ape Labs COIN 2.0 IP

ape labs lighting guide coinThe tiniest – and we mean TINY – light that Ape Labs offers is the Coin. It comes in at only 59 x 26 mm, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in impact! V2 has a refined all-silver housing that looks state-of-the-art. It’s waterproof and available with both USB or IP charging connectors. Like the CAN, there are a handful of awesome accessories available for this little guy. A tube can transform the COIN into a column, a pinspot adapter can focus the beam on a mirror ball, and a magnetic mount helps with sticking the light just about anywhere.

Best applications: small space accent lighting, table lighting, wall/sconce lighting, compact uplighting, effect lighting



Ape Labs STICK 2.0

Next up we have the Ape Labs product that seems to wow people the most, the STICK. This magnetically-attachable, battery-powered LED bar can be used vertically, horizontally, upside down, and in every other configuration imaginable. Unlike the narrow beam angles of the other Ape Labs products, this has a very wide 120-degree dispersion. This makes it perfect for dance floor lighting or large area washing. The battery is able to keep the light going for 10 hours per charge, and a stainless steel mounting plate can make placing the light on non-metallic surfaces a breeze. This STICK is not IP outdoor rated, but makes for a killer indoor fixture.

Best applications: mobile path lighting, facade lighting, stage lighting, room wash, dance floor lighting



Ape Labs STICK XL 2.0

Last but not least we have the STICK’s older brother, the Ape Labs STICK XL 2.0. It’s the biggest light Ape Labs offers at a respectable 3ft. long. Bigger means bright in this case, with the STICK XL able to really illuminate a room with eye-catching colors and programs. It contains 68x 0.8 watt RGBaW (amber white) LEDs and has the same 120-degree beam angle as the STICK 2.0. It can be used in similar situations to the classic STICK, but with the extra power to handle larger areas and bigger crowds.

Best applications: dance floor lighting, room wash, facade lighting, overhead room illumination, architectural lighting




Ape Labs Lighting Guide – Final Thoughts

It’s hard to improve upon a well-designed product, but Ape Labs has done just that. The Ape Labs 2.0 product lineup brings worthwhile upgrades to the original models and increases the value per dollar that DJs, bands, and venues get when purchasing these lights. Brighter LEDs, cleaning housing design, and easy onboard control combine to produce a set of lights that is sure to be an even bigger success than its predecessor.



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