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Best DJ Controller under $600?

The Numark Mixstream Pro is a great option for beginner and veteran DJs alike. Is it the best DJ controller under $600? It certainly is a strong contender.

The Ultimate Microphone Buying Guide

Making sense out of choosing the best performance microphone for YOU!

Are Ape Sticks a DJ Must have?

These uber versatile German-made lights are the most unique effect we’ve ever seen. 

Best wireless speaker system under $200?

The XVive U3 Wireless Audio System is must have for DJs and performers.  Find out why.

Ultimate Speaker Buying Guide

Making sense out of buying the right sound system for your performance needs.

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DJs and performers?

We designed The DJs Guru to be your personal guide to buying DJ gear, pro audio equipment, and LED stage lighting online. 

A unique consultative and,  holistic approach focuses on you the buyer, because it’s not just a “Transaction” to us.

Our  objective is to make lifelong, trusted relationships and build a community around helping and sharing information.

Let our 2 decades plus of experience in all facets of the DJ Industry help to guide you to making you and your business the best it can be.

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From scratch DJs like DJ Shortee to hybrid DJs and  Ableton producers.  Let us help get you to the next level.

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