“Let each person take the path according to their own capacity, understanding, and temperament.  Their true Guru will meet them along the path”

Gu-ru / ‘gOorOo /

A teacher and guide in matters of fundamental concern.

The DJs Guru is your guide for buying gear online! 

 The DJs Guru stands with DJs and event professionals and works for you offering a unique approach that you can trust. 

We are hyper-focused on the buyer.  We want to make sure you get the best deal, the best guidance, and the best advice.

It’s easy to sell you the cheapest gear. We’re here to sell you the best gear for your needs.

Justin M. Schwarz – Founder/Managing Director

Justin M. Schwarz is a longtime DJ and equipment purveyor who saw a need for a concierge service that focused on helping the customer.

After almost 2 decades managing an event gear retailer in the corporate world, he founded The DJs Guru Inc to provide trusted advice, information, and instruction to DJs and performers.

The company also aims to build a welcoming community for DJs and performers.