Good advice goes a long way.

Have you ever typed in a search for “DJ Gear” or “Powered speakers” and then immediately felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of options?

This is what is called the paradox of choice, too many choices make us take longer to make a decision and then feel less satisfied with it after.  It’s simply the way our brains work as humans.

After working in the retail business and being a performer for over 20 years our Founder Justin M. Schwarz saw a need for a concierge service that worked for the buyer.

He wanted to create a concierge-styled service as well as being a resource for opinions, information, advice, and inspiration.

A trusted guide to assist them in making the right choices for their needs and also getting the best deal possible.

The DJs Guru can help complete the DJ EVENT GEAR | Curated collection of DJ Gear, Pro Audio and Lighting circle while also offering you a growing national community of #DJsGuruFam to be a part of.

We are a community of like-minded DJs and performers that collaborate to help each other learn, grow and succeed to be the best they can be.

Our mission is to help, inspire and elevate the DJ and performance industry so that everyone can do better.


Who can we help?

Whether you’re just starting out, a parent looking for guidance, or a seasoned pro we can help. 

Are you working for a business or school and managing a project that needs lights or sound having no idea where to go or what to get?   We can help. 

We will help to guide you to make the best decision for your needs.  We work with only the most well-respected brands in the industry and are always looking for the hot new gear to introduce to our community as well.

Give us a call, email, or contact us below via social media or our contact form.

We look forward to helping you to: