The Ape Labs Stick 4-pack is a great bundle option available for under $1000 dollars. This powerful lighting system can completely change and improve your DJ Lighting game. Originally sold as individual units, you can now pick up a set of these popular lights in a pre-made bundle. They even come packaged in a durable carry case, ready to haul to your next event. Today, in our Ape Labs Stick Review, we are going to take a deep dive into this unique light show.

What comes in the package

First things first, let’s talk about the case. You’re going to be hauling these lights from event to event, so you are going to want to keep them protected. The case is padded and has some built-in pockets. Included in those pockets are an Ape Remote and a lighting supercharger. The Ape Remote gives you control over the lights and their pre-programmed light shows and settings. The supercharge allows you to charge all 4 lights at once. Getting ready for your next gig has never been easier!

Flipping open the main compartment you’ll see the lights themselves. The lights are held in place and protected by a pair of straps. We recommend placing the lights so that their magnet ends are facing each other. It keeps things organized and looks great as well.

The Ape Labs Stick

Enough about bags – let’s talk about the lights. Just like all other Ape Labs products, the Sticks are 100% German-made. They are built of stylish and tough aircraft-grade aluminum. Inside is a single 15 watt LED diode that gives you the characteristic glowing effect the stick is known for. The internal battery is rated for 8 hours on a full charge. There is a single push button to power on/off the light. Plugging in the small charger on the opposite end of the stick is simple and easy to do.

Speaking of that effect, we feel as though lighting is going to continue to change as time goes on. In the years to come, it’s possible that many of beams of light crossing dancefloors at events may start to disappear. This type of lighting can become distracting and people are starting to seek out more a more immersive lighting experience. Things like pixel-mapping and more “low intensity” wash lighting may take center stage. These effects aren’t as “in your face” as the DJ lights of past years. The Ape Labs Stick fits perfectly in this new lighting category.

How will we use this light?

When we first saw the light, our question to ourselves was “What am I going to do with it?” However, once we got our hands on it, we began to understand its flexibility. There are powerful magnets on both ends for easy attachment to the metal surface. No metal surface? No problem! Included plates allow you to attach the light to any surface using something like velcro.

The versatility of the light is what is most impressive. Not only does it function as eye candy, but it makes a decent wash as well! Did we mention the light is battery-powered and wireless? Grabbing the Ape Remote, we can turn the light on, adjust speed, and change brightness easily.

The light can be mounted vertically on a speaker stand or DJ booth. It could also be mounted horizontally on a standard truss or lighting stand. The light weighs only 8 pounds, so a ceiling mount is completely possible. Perhaps you want to get creative and make some unique shapes and angles. All of this is possible with the Ape Labs Stick.

Testing out the sticks

In our video review of the Ape Labs Sticks, we set up 3 lights to test out all of the features. We chose to mount them vertically and started off with the automatic mode. For those looking for simple background or architectural lighting ambiance, the internal programs do a great slow fade or static color. However, Ape Labs is known for its famous music mode. With a simple button press on the Ape Remote, it was time to test that out.

The lights immediately came alive when we turned on our first track. The lights took off, doing their own thing. They stayed in sync with one another, creating unique patterns. No two light shows are ever the same with the Ape Labs Sticks. Just like in automatic mode, we can adjust speed, color, and brightness with the remote.

Final thoughts

The Ape Labs Stick, now available in a 4-pack, is a unique and impactful light show for DJs. If you’re a DJ who prefers to focus on the music but knows that quality lighting is important, the Ape Labs Stick is for you. You can pick up a pack of these amazing lights by clicking here. As always, if you have any questions, please share a comment below and let us know!