More and more of our technology is getting wireless, from headphones to smart home devices. When it comes to DJ and audio equipment even our sound systems are getting the wireless treatment. Today, we’re going to take a look at an affordable but high-value XLR wireless audio system – the U3 from XVive. Will this compact little system prove to be the best wireless audio system we’ve seen for the price? Let’s find out.


First things first

Picking up the two components of the U3 we notice right away how they feel – solid. They are metal and obviously well made, even more so than we expected initially. For the price, we imagined we would be getting a cheap box and plastic transmitters. In reality, we got a sturdy set of equipment that feels like it should cost a lot more.

At first glance, the system strikes us as easy to use. The system comes with a versatile two-prong charger with a USB end for keeping the system powered. The battery is good for 5 hours, which is more than enough for most gigs. Let’s be honest; in the situations where you’re going to be using this “solution” product, you won’t need to use it for extensive periods of time.

Another thing we like about it is right in the name – XLR! We are always happy to see this professional connection option that truly is the standard for entertainers. Having XLR on board means the system will plug right into your speaker, microphone, or other sound system components. Want to turn your wired microphone wireless? Easy! Just pop the transmitter into the bottom and you’re good to go.


Setting things up

After admiring the product and checking out the build quality it’s time to give the setup a try. The first thing we wanted to try was the most obvious – transmitting audio from a mixer to a speaker. All you need to do is power on both the transmitter and the receiver. With both units turned on, simply clicking the power button until both showed the same channel was all we needed to do to sync them. Then, just plug the transmitter into the output of your mixer and the receiver into the XLR input of your speaker. That’s it. Seriously.

We also grabbed our Shure MV7 and plugged the transmitter in there. Boom! Instant wireless mic. Depending on which application you’re using the system for, there is a small mic/line switch on the transmitter that can be toggled accordingly. There’s not much else to write on setup – it’s that simple to operate.



Time for testing

For our distance testing, we grabbed our Shure MV7 and JBL Eon 1 compact (can you say battery-powered?) and headed outdoors. After setting the system up we started walking. We checked our distance at 167 feet and, as expected, not even the slightest hint of a dropout. As we moved farther and farther away the mic continued to transmit clear audio without a hitch. We even ducked behind a tree at one point to eliminate line of sight and had no hiccups! Reaching 300 feet, we felt pretty confident that the U3 could handle any typical venue scenario the mobile entertainer was likely to encounter.


Wrapping things up

Back in the studio, we started to think about our experience up to this point. Great build quality? Check. Easy to operate? Check. Transmitting distances much farther than the advertised distance? Check. And lastly, affordable price? Check! We recognize the product has its limitations – you’re probably not going to be using it for concert-level events. But as a tool in the arsenal of the mobile entertainer for a super accessible price, it can’t be beaten. We certainly think it’s the best wireless audio system for under $200! If you’re interested in picking up an XVive U3, make sure to check them out by clicking here.