Denon DJ has been a strong contender in the standalone DJ controller department for years. Most recently, their powerful Prime 2 and Prime 4 controllers have been immensely popular among working DJs. Now Denon has announced 2 new standalone DJ controllers. Dubbed the SC Live 2 and SC Live 4, these new controllers bring a handful of improvements and 2 very unique innovations to the standalone DJ controller space – built-in powered speakers and Amazon music streaming integration. In this first-look article, we’ll talk about what changes have been made to this newest generation of mixers. We’ll also talk about standout features and important specs that you should consider when looking at the SC Live Controllers.


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Denon DJ SC Live Controllers – Trusted Denon Quality

 Denon DJ SC Live 4

Even though the SC Live controllers are not replacing it, the Denon DJ Prime series was innovative in and of itself. The SC Live controllers retain much of the innovation and further add to it but at a lower cost. Something that remains the same is the presence of a large, multi-touch screen in the center of the controller for hands-on music control. A club-style layout, SD and USB inputs, and robust build quality also stick around. We’re also appreciative of Denon’s devotion to professional inputs and outputs. XLR microphone and main out connections offer the cleanest, interference-free signal possible.

Powering the controller is Denon’s Engine software, which you’ll find at events, clubs, and festivals around the world. Through this software, DJs are able to load, prep, and perform their shows without a laptop required. You’ll also find a standalone effects unit built into the controllers, allowing DJs to shape their sound, again, without being tethered to a computer.

However, you didn’t come here to hear about how the SC Live controllers are similar to past Denon offerings. You came here to find out about their secret weapons. Let’s get into it, shall we?


Amazon Music Integration

Many, many DJs have offered up predictions on the future of DJing and library creation. More than a few have suggested that streaming will become the norm within the next decade. The Denon DJ SC Live controllers are looking to usher in this new era with integrated Amazon music streaming. Using a proprietary, highly secure chip and wi-fi capability, they’re able to connect to an Amazon Music Unlimited account to give DJs access to a LOT of music. And we aren’t just talking about a few top hits from a couple of select genres. Amazon Music boasts over 100 million songs that DJs can stream in lossless, CD-quality audio. Talk about making DJing simple!


Onboard Speakers

Denon DJ SC Live 2

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Denon has opted to fit their these controllers with speakers. While on the surface this seems slightly gimmicky, the utility of these speakers becomes apparent rather quickly. Building speakers into a controller actually makes sense on multiple levels. Being able to pull out this controller, on its own, and begin practicing or live streaming (without having to set up a sound system) sounds like a dream. And what about arriving at an event in a large room with horrible echo and no monitor? With a flick of the dedicated switch, you can instantly being monitoring your mix with no separate PA system required. They blend in well and can be deactivated quickly when not needed.


Lighting Control

Lighting is increasingly an integral part of DJing, and Denon recognizes this. The SC Live controllers work contain Engine Lighting software out of the box. Whether you’re using traditional DMX lighting or Phillips Hue fixtures, the SC Live can create synced and beat-matched light shows effortlessly. DJs who want more control can use the touchscreen for further customization options. The best part? No need to purchase and learn to use a DMX controller!


Denon DJ SC Live Controllers – Final Thoughts

The SC Live Controllers from Denon are unique, fresh, and exciting. We think DJs are going to love the addition of Amazon Music streaming and the convenience it offers. And the ability to whip out the controller and practice anywhere with the built-in speakers? We’re all about it. What are your thoughts on these new controllers from Denon? Let us know in the comments or contact us!