JMaz Attco Beam 100 – The Best Moving Head Under $600 for 2022?

Here at The DJs Guru we’ve been doing the DJ gear thing for a long time. When it comes to mini moving-head lights, they’ve been around for easily over a decade. Unfortunately, none have ever really gotten us too excited. Why? They simply haven’t been bright enough. Today, however, we’re going to talk about a mini moving head that’s changed our mind – the JMaz Attco Beam 100.

The Mini Moving Head

Whenever we get a call from someone interested in buying a mini moving head, our conversation usually involves us saying “Sure, we see you’ve got x amount of dollars budgeted for these lights, but for just a little bit more…” We then proceed to encourage people to move up to at least a mid-range moving light. After all, you want a fixture that can handle the events you’re going to do and not leave you wanting. With the Attco Beam 100, JMaz is trying to bridge the gap and bring mid-range brightness to smaller budget buyers.

Brighter and More Powerful LED

And the Attco Beam 100 delivers. It brings along with it a very respectable 75 Watt LED diode. To date, we haven’t seen such a powerful light source in a small, budget fixture. Not only does it have a high-power LED diode, but there are a host of other more high-end features included. For example, they always appreciated locking Powercon ins and outs. They even include an Omega clamp, which allows for quick attachment and removal and mounting of the light from a single point.

They even throw in an Infrared (IR) remote with the Attco Beam 100. We know that not every DJ is looking to go down the DMX rabbit hole with their lights. However, it’s always nice when a DJ is able to gain at least a little control over their light show. An included remote allows users to switch their lights on and off throughout an event, change colors, lighting modes, and more. Also (unsurprisingly) from a JMaz light the construction and build quality are top-notch. The fixture feels robust but still comes in under 10 lbs – perfect for mobile DJs.

JMaz Attco Beam 100 – Real Life Use

So specs are good enough on paper, but how do these lights perform in real life? We were able to take our pair out for an event in a large ballroom recently. In all honesty, the room was probably bigger than what these lights were intended to handle. With that being said, what’s a review without a good “stress test” on a light to see how it can hold up?

We’re happy to report, however, that the Attco Beam 100 didn’t let us down in the slightest. Despite being thrown into a room much larger than their size, they held up and delivered bright, punchy beams that cut across the room. When it comes to moving heads, specifically beams, we want speed, smoothness, and punch. The Attco Beam 100 had more than enough of all three and blended in perfectly with the rest of the show. To see them in action, make sure to check out our video review.

Why Use Moving Head Beams?

When it comes to moving heads there are a variety of options to choose from – wash, spot, and beam to name a few. Why would someone reach for a beam light? A moving head beam provides a focused, intense light that can punch through dark rooms and stretch long distances.

Normally, DJs may reach for a spot moving head over a beam due to the increased flexibility and variety they provide. These factors don’t really come into play with Attco 100. The Attco 100, specifically, has a built-in frost filter that gives it even more flexibility, allowing it to make the light more diffuse and usable in different scenarios. The Attco 100 Beam adds to its versatility with 17 gobos that can be used to shape the beam to the user’s liking. When combined with the 12 built-in colors and a prism there are hundreds of different combinations available to DJs.

Beam lights really begin to shine (get it?) when they’re used in multiples. Sure, a pair of beam lights look great, but 4, 6, 8, or even more really amp up the energy. The Attco 100 is affordable enough that buying a pair or 4 of them may be cheaper than a single flagship moving head. If you’re in a band or someone who does lighting for bands beams are a great option for your light shows. All of the big-name groups are using dozens of beam lights on their tours. Mini moving-head beam lights like the Attco 100 allow the everyday user to have these awesome effects in their own show.

Lighting Options Galore

Checking out the front of our Attco Beam 100 we’re greeted by the digital LCD screen. Within this menu, we can change and modify all sorts of parameters for our light. If you’re hoping to go the DMX route, you can adjust your channel assignment and modes here. You can change your pan and tilt degrees to limit the light to only one specific area of the room (your dancefloor, for example).

Then we get to the “special options” section. This includes things like setting the mic sensitivity, manual control, and the IR remote. You can reverse pan and tilt if you want to create unique looks with multiple lights. The automatic modes are also accessed via the LCD display and are only a few button clicks away.

JMaz Attco Beam 100 Final Thoughts

The Attco Beam 100 excites us. It’s great to finally see manufactures putting powerful LED diodes in their more affordable models. DJs need brightness in their lights to do their job well, and the Attco Beam 100 delivers. It offers a lot more flexibility than standard beam lights and does it all in a compact but sturdy package. If you’d like to check out the Attco Beam 100, be sure to visit

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