The JMAZ Lighting Versa Flex Bar is the newest entry into the “all-in-one” tripod lighting systems for DJs. These streamlined light shows offer maximum ease of use and bang for your buck. Every day, more and more DJs ditch their separate lights for one of these systems. The Versa Flex Bar is not only new but totally unique from the designs we see on the market. Is the Versa Flex Bar a game-changer for DJs? Today we’re going to find out.

What makes it cool

To start off, it’s built around an FX BAR 5050, which is one of the top-selling lights that JMAZ offers. It offers a mix of pixel-mappable SMD color and white diodes the offer up a lot of eye candy. In addition to the FX BAR 5050 are two compact moving heads mounted on either end. These tiny units pack a respectable 25 watts – plenty of punch that won’t get lost in a larger room! A good wash and pair of moving heads form the base of many a good light show, and we are happy to see both included with the JMAZ Versa Flex Bar.

The “versa” part of the name stands for versatility. What makes it versatile? The handful of optional accessories you can add to your Versa Flex Bar to make it uniquely yours. In our video review, we take a look at a unit with some additional wash lights mounted on the top and bottom. It doesn’t come with a tripod stand included – JMAZ knew many DJs would want to mount this light on a flat stand or utilize another mounting solution. Why include something that many DJs won’t utilize? We like that the decision of how to mount this light is up to our unique needs. Plus, this means the money that would have been spent on a cheap tripod has been utilized to improve the light itself.

Diving deeper

We spent some time at DJ Expo chatting with representatives from JMAZ about the design of the Versa Flex Bar. As we expected, they reinforced our thoughts that this light was designed to have practically endless options when it comes to customization. They made sure that, first and foremost, those that purchased this light had their bases covered. RGB, cool whites, warm whites are all a part of the core of the bar. Perhaps you need a greenwash with white beams for a St. Patrick’s day event. Or maybe a red wash with cool white beams for a valentines dance. What about a mix of warm and cool white for wedding photos? All of these (and many more combos) are possible!

The movers are no slouches either. JMAZ knew they would get questions like “Do the movers have color wheels?” and “Do the movers have gobos?” The answer is yes! When it comes to the lights you can add to the Versa Flex Bar, they’re sold in pairs so that you maintain good symmetry in your light show. Within the digital display on the back of the unit, you can select which pair of lights you plugged in. These add-on lights connect to the bar via a special connection that allows them to work in sync with one another.

The lights are each on their own power supply, all of which are powered by a solid Powercon connection in the back. Why do we love Powercon? Because it can’t accidentally be pulled out! This is a pro-level feature that we love to see on DJ gear in this price range.

There’s so much to love

We got so excited learning about the features of the Versa Flex Bar that we almost forgot to praise the construction. This light feels SOLID. We’re talking heavy-duty construction that leaves no doubt that it is a professional product. The bar comes in at a hefty 46lbs and, when compared to the FX BAR 5050 it’s based on, is noticeably deeper and wider.

Controls are another important component of the Versa Flex Bar. As expected, the light has a built-in sound active mode as well as DMX functionality. It also has your standard “automatic” mode that will run internal programs without paying attention to the internal microphones. For ultimate ease of use, just set up the system, plug it in, grab the wireless remote, and turn it on. Your light show will begin immediately and look great from the start.

Speaking of the wireless remote, it comes included with the Versa Flex Bar. It has a button that says “bar,” a button that says “movers,” and multiple other buttons for the individual lights attached to the bar. This allows you to select individual scenes for each lighting fixture type, independently. All of this from a handheld remote! Talk about flexibility. The whole process is super intuitive. The cherry on top? The remote is RF, which means that as long as you’re within 30 ft of the light it will pick up the signal – no need for line of sight.

Take home points

One of the things we appreciate most about the JMAZ Versa Flex Bar is that every part of it is useful. Unlike some other all-in-one lighting bars, there aren’t really any effects on this light that we would want to cycle on and off. They are all useful, interesting, and not overbearing. The lights are modern and functional – perfect for the events that DJs are increasingly working at these days. It has so much versatility, from the ways you can control it to how you can mount it. Whether you use the included feet to rest it on a surface, mount it on a tripod, or hang it from a truss, it’s going to look great. All in all, this light is unique, powerful, and perfect for today’s mobile DJs and entertainers.

So what do you think – is the JMAZ Versa Flex Bar a game-changer for DJs? How would you customize your light? What things could JMAZ add in the future to make this light even better? Let us know down in the comments!