The last time we released a video on the RCF EVOX 12 it really opened our eyes to the power of portable column arrays. A lot has changed since that video was released, and with our newest shipment of EVOX 12 speakers, we received something that really made us excited – a brand new white version of this insanely possible speaker. Seeing as we got our hands on the first shipment of this white model to the states, we figured you all deserved a little preview. Six years in the making and 19 months since we originally ordered them, today we’ll talk about how this speaker came to be and what makes it so great.


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RCF EVOX 12 White – The Process

rcf evox 12 whiteLet’s start at the beginning. Getting a white version of the RCF EVOX 12 was somewhat of an organic process, almost like a mini DJ Kickstarter campaign. A lot of great DJs were interested in making this model happen six years ago – even RCF USA was in our ear about the demand. However, in order to have this “special order” speaker made, a large purchase commitment was needed. At the time, there simply wasn’t a large enough purchasing power to bring it to fruition.

Fast forward a few years to the creation of The DJs Guru. Now, with the power of our own company behind us, we once again returned to the idea of a white EVOX 12. When we initially released our review of the EVOX 12 it was a huge hit. DJs everywhere absolutely loved this speaker for events of all kinds. Weddings, private events, you name it and the RCF EVOX 12 does it. We kept circling back and asking ourselves “How is this speaker still not available in white?” Combining forces with a partner and a group of dedicated people, we were finally able to get an order of white RCF EVOX 12s shipped here to the USA.

However, things weren’t quite smooth sailing out of the gate. We placed our initial order, you guessed it, right at the beginning of the global pandemic. Thanks to frustrating supply chain backlogs, we didn’t see these speakers make landfall until a whopping 19 months later.

The Speaker

The RCF EVOX 12 holds a special place in our hearts. It was the first portable column array speaker we ever did a review on here at The DJs Guru. If you aren’t already aware of this amazing system, let us give you the lowdown.

First, a few specs. The EVOX 12 boasts 1400 watts of power with a 700-watt RMS amplifier in the subwoofer. Max SPL sits at 130 dB, with plenty of output for many types of DJ events. When it comes to system components, EVOX 12 consists of two parts. Up top, you’ll find the column itself, connected to the subwoofer base with a Powercon cable. Between the two is a telescoping mounting pole for adjustable height flexibility. The top section has 8×4″ neodymium drivers offering a 90×30-degree coverage angle.

One of the things we love about the RCF EVOX 12 white is the sound. It’s reminiscent of the traditional sound you would expect from a two-way cabinet, which many DJs appreciate. Some portable column arrays have wider horizontal coverage patterns which result in less dynamic response. Having used our black version of the speaker for over 2 years, we’ve had nothing but compliments on the sound.

The construction is quite lightweight but made of wood and metal. It’s heavy-duty and easy to transport, even the subwoofer. Going along with easy transportability, the subwoofer has built-in wheels and an extendable handle. At the end of the day, however, the real star of the show is the color. We personally know DJs who are using white systems like this to make more money for their business. Why? They more easily blend into the elegant setups that many DJs are offering at weddings and luxury events. As time goes on, trends within the wedding industry especially are moving toward all-white setups.

Want to buy the RCF EVOX 12 white version?

Final Thoughts

The RCF EVOX 12 white continues on the legacy set by the original black version. It provides all of the same great features but with a modern, luxurious finish that DJs have been craving. Again, if you want to see our original RCF EVOX 12 review video, make sure to check it out here.