Over the last few years, mobile DJs have started to throw the phrase “portable column array system” around a lot. As much of the DJ world has transitioned over to these slim speakers, many companies have created column systems of various sizes. And while each may look or sound a bit different, they all inherently function on the same design concept. The new TT-515 and TT-808 from RCF are unique in a few different ways. In this RCF TT-515 overview (and TT-808 overview), we’ll dive into why these speakers are so different, flexible, and portable.

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RCF TT Series – Fundamental Differences

The TT series is a new line of portable speakers from RCF. In many ways, these speakers are a step up from all other portable column arrays we’ve seen to this point. We’d dare say that these could be the last column array setup you’d ever need. Instead of calling the TT-515 and TT-808 a “column array system,” we prefer to call them a seriesThis is for two reasons – one, the line of speakers will most likely grow over time with new models, and two, the speakers are quite modular (more on that a little later).

The TT series isn’t attempting to be the biggest or the loudest portable column array around. Instead, it’s loaded to the brim with audio clarity and features, all in a footprint that’s pretty hard to believe. For DJs that value portable, flexibility, and audio quality above all else, the TT series is likely the answer. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – let’s dive a little deeper into these two new speakers.

RCF TT-515 Overview

rcf tt-515 overview 2

What sets the TT-515 apart from other column arrays is evident as soon as you lay on it. It’s compact – really compact. So much so that RCF actually markets it as “a 2000 watt speaker that can fit in your palm.” Those 2000 watts head into dual 5″ speaker cones and a substantial 1.75″ compression driver. This little speaker is no slouch, pumping out an impressive 127 dB of sound. Sound leaves the TT-515 in a 100 x 70-degree spread that is rotatable depending on your application.

The TT-515 also sports multiple protections and digital processing features. In particular, the FiRPHASE technology aligns the highs, mids, and lows of the speaker to deliver clearer sound at the listening position. It also has RCF’s proprietary RDNet network, allowing users to monitor and control a multitude of functions remotely. Not only that, but RCF has included their bass motion control system as well, which dynamically monitors the movement of the speaker cones to extract maximum efficiency from the amplifier’s power.

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RCF TT-808 Overview

At first glance, the new TT-808 subwoofer looks a little like an old desktop computer tower. When we saw it side by side with the Evox 12 subwoofer, the size difference was massive. To put it into perspective, the TT-808 weighs only 44 lbs. 44lbs for a sub?! That’s unheard of. What’s even crazier, though, is that this tiny sub puts out 129 dB with its dual 8″ woofers. The output to size ratio has to be the greatest we’ve ever seen in a DJ subwoofer.

The subwoofer, like the entire series, can be used in a huge variety of applications. Depending on the space available or the aesthetic, you can lay it on its side or use it vertically. There are pole mount sockets available on the side and top, so you can pair it with the TT-515 top in either configuration. They can also be stacked, unlike most portable column arrays. Should you need, you can stack up to three subwoofers in a cardioid configuration for more directional bass control.

Just like the TT-515, the TT-808 also has RDNet for remote control as well as bass motion control. The wooden cabinet is finished in a durable coating that will resist scratches and stand up to abuse on the road. The powder-coated grille is backed with an acoustically transparent foam that resists both dust and humidity.

RCF TT-515 Overview – Scaling

rcf tt-515 overview 3

Take a look at your average portable column array. Most likely, the speaker will contain one amplifier that’s built into the subwoofer cabinet. This one amplifier is tasked with sending power to the sub as well as the column speakers above it. It works, but as DJs look to scale their systems for different events, it becomes a tougher proposition. Sure, you can add a second system, a subwoofer, or a traditional speaker box for fill. But all of these band-aid solutions aren’t the most elegant.

The TT series is different. The TT-515, for example, has its own compact built-in amplifier. No need to rely on a subwoofer for power! In situations where you don’t need low-end reinforcement, you’re able to use the top speakers independently. Not only that, but instead of needing to add additional systems or non-matching speakers to increase output, you can simply grab a second TT-515 or TT-808 for your larger events.

RCF TT Series – Final Thoughts

The TT series is a whole different beast when it comes to portable DJ speakers. It blends elements of traditional speaker cabinets and column arrays into one. It defies what we thought was possible in terms of sound output from tiny PA speakers. And most importantly, it delivers super clear, precise audio in a rugged but attractive design that will blend into any event. Whether you set them up in a traditional setup or spread them around a room, the TT-515 and TT-808 are sure to impress.

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