ZIPDJ Record Pool

At The DJs Guru, we know that joining a record pool is practically a rite of passage for a DJ. Receiving the newest tracks right as they hit the airwaves (and sometimes before) is crucial for staying up with today’s music. There are a TON of different options to choose from, but some are not as well known as others. Have you heard of the ZIPDJ record pool? If not, you should have. It’s been around for over a decade, helping to bridge the gap between labels and DJs. In fact, ZIPDJ has just come out with version 4.0, titled “ZIPDJ Pro,” and it’s fully loaded with awesome new features. The must have equipment for DJ events and performances.


A true record pool at its core: Professional DJ Equipment

Those of you who are familiar with the ZIPDJ record pool are already aware of what makes it great. To start with, ZIPDJ services music from the major (and thousands of indie) music labels, straight to DJs. All that music is laid out in easy-to-navigate sections like New Releases, Top Downloads, Trending Charts, Top Charts, and even “ZIPDJ Packs.”

What’s even cooler, however, is the ability of ZIPDJ users to directly impact the music industry. Through advanced feedback capabilities, DJs can use their tastemaking skills to communicate their thoughts on different tracks to labels through ZIPDJ. As DJs play songs and break new records, labels hear their feedback on what works.


So what’s new with ZIPDJ?

Version 4.0, or “ZIPDJ Pro,” brings a whole host of new features that make this the best release yet, making it one of the most desirable professional DJ equipment.

Total software overhaul

When it comes to using an online record pool it’s important that the software be easy to use. Acquiring new songs can be a lengthy process, so having a streamlined interface can make a big difference in how enjoyable the experience is. ZIPDJ software engineers have optimized the software to be faster and more stable. The homepage has been redesigned, allowing DJs to control what appears first when they log in. Better workflow = more time for crate digging.


Advanced search and filtering

No one wants to spend time waiting for software to load. When you’re searching databases of thousands of songs, slow loading is a possibility. Not with ZIPDJ, however. Search results appear in a matter of seconds. Find exactly what you’re looking for by using search operators to refine your results. When planning important sets, use the powerful Key and BPM filters to create perfectly blended transitions. Creating a mashup or new edit? ZIPDJ makes the process easier.


zipdj record pool

Favorites follow, and playlists

Using the built-in “favorite” function is great for both DJs and labels. For DJs, it makes finding your favorite tracks easy. As you sort through all the newest additions, you can click the tracks that stand out to you for easy access later. For labels, knowing what tracks are being favorited by DJs is invaluable information.

Playlists take this concept a step further. A good DJ knows the importance of a well-organized library. The ZIPDJ record pool allows you to bring that organization to your music curation workflow. Place tracks together in a playlist for a single file .zip download, saving yourself from clicking “download” again and again. ZIPDJ is also smart enough to skip over any songs you’ve previously downloaded, helping you to avoid the dreaded library duplicates we all hate.


Mobile record pool for DJ Events

Almost everything we do for our business these days takes place on our phones. With the ZIPDJ mobile platform, there’s no need to be tied to your laptop when it comes to music curation. Browse the ZIPDJ library on the go and add your favorite new tracks to playlists from your phone. When you make it back to your DJ laptop, you can download all of your tracks in one go. In version 3.0, the ZIPDJ record pool has revamped and optimized the mobile platform for the best performance possible.

So what record pool do you use?  Interested in learning more about ZIPDJ?  Make sure to learn more by clicking the banner below!


What is the best record pool? Zip DJ is the best record pool