DAS Altea Duo 20A Portable Column Array Review


The DAS Audio Altea DUO 20A is a sound system that’s more than worthy of your attention. We recently had a chat with Darrin Young from DAS North America where we presented a deep dive demonstration on the DAS Altea DUO 20A portable column system. We wanted to highlight this system after having it featured in our recent article 4 Best Column Arrays under $2000.   We’re convinced that this is a system that DJs and Event Professionals will want to check out.  Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of WHY we’ve been so excited and why we think this is not just “Another column array system”.


Not just another Column Array

The DAS Altea DUO 20A is a 3-way powered portable column system boasting a peak power of 2000W and a max peak SPL of 127 dB. Translated, that means it has the headroom to rock a small to medium-sized venue. It’s comprised of two compact 10-inch subs and four 3-inch plus 1-inch neodymium compression drivers. What does that give you? Punchy bass and crystal-clear highs come together to create a dynamic and pleasing sound. Plus, the stacked design of the dual 10″ woofers mimics the sound of a 15″ woofer.

The other thing you’ll notice is headroom.  That means, how loud you can make it before distortion or “redlining” starts.  Any performer knows you want as much headroom as possible so you can get the best sound at your events.


A True 3-way System


A 3-way system separates your sound into three distinct frequency bands – low, mid, and high.

Here’s why that’s a big deal:

#1 – Bass that Hits Harder: With a dedicated driver for low frequencies, you get deep, punchy bass that can shake the room. It’s all about creating that chest-thumping experience that keeps the dance floor packed.

#2 – Crystal Clear Vocals: The mid-range driver is where the magic happens for vocals and most instruments. It delivers crystal-clear sound that cuts through the mix, so your audience can hear every word and note.

#3 – Highs that Sparkle: A separate tweeter handles the high frequencies, delivering crisp, detailed highs that add sparkle to your sound. It’s the icing on the cake that makes your mixes truly shine.

One of the biggest perks of a 3-way system is that each driver has separate dedicated power. This means less strain on each driver and less distortion at high volumes. So, you can crank it up without worrying about ruining your sound quality.

And lastly, with a 3-way system, you have more control over your sound balance. You can adjust the levels of each frequency band to suit your taste and the acoustics of the venue. Want more bass? No problem. Need to boost the vocals? Easy. It’s all about giving you the tools to deliver the best sound possible and DAS Audio Altea DUO 20A offers you that in spades.


What else makes the DAS Altea Duo 20A Unique?


So, what sets the DAS Altea DUO 20A apart from the pack?

1- Its 100×50 coverage pattern creates a sound that feels familiar to DJs, resembling a traditional point source speaker system. In simple terms, the coverage pattern of your speakers is the area in which they can effectively deliver sound. Picture it like a spotlight – some are narrow and focused, while others spread light over a wide area. Your speakers work the same way with sound.  The DAS Altea Duo 20A 100X50 coverage pattern ensures the sound is evenly spread across the room, so everyone gets to enjoy it.  And let’s not forget, a 100×50 pattern focuses the sound on the dance floor where it matters most.

2- Design-wise, the Altea DUO 20A doesn’t disappoint. It features HD Bluetooth streaming and pairing for effortless connectivity. The dummy columns offer height flexibility, which is a huge plus for mobile DJs needing to adapt to different venues. Its sleek and modern design comes in both black and white to match any event aesthetic.  We also love the smart device lip at the back of the subwoofer (Shown in the picture above), which will allow you to stand a tablet or music device up with ease.

3- In terms of customization, the DAS Altea DUO 20A comes with a user-definable 24-bit DSP with an LCD screen, three voicing presets, and a three-band EQ. This gives you the freedom to tweak the sound to your preference. For mobile DJs mindful of power usage, the ultra-low power consumption of 1.5A at 230V is a fantastic feature.

Wrapping it Up

To sum it up, the DAS Altea DUO 20A is a powerhouse sound system that should be on every DJ and event pro’s radar of the best portable column systems. It brings together convenience, dynamic sound output, clarity, and aesthetics in a way that sets it apart from its competitors. It’s customizable to your specific needs, and we were seriously impressed with its ability to distribute sound evenly across the room and create a sound that DJs are more used to. So if you’re shopping around for a new sound system, give the Altea DUO 20A some serious thought.

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