Electro-Voice EVERSE 12 | First Look Review


Meet the Everse 12.  Electro-Voice has always been a pioneer in the audio industry, and it’s no different with their latest creation, the EVERSE 12. This battery-powered portable speaker is jam-packed with features that make it one of the most versatile and powerful speakers on the market.  Let’s dive in and review the robust listing of notable features now!

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Setting a New Standard in Audio Performance


The EVERSE 12 doesn’t just improve upon its predecessor, the EVERSE 8 – it revolutionizes it. This speaker impresses with a maximum SPL of 126 dB, a deep low-frequency response reaching down to 45 Hz, and broad coverage of 100º x 60º. Perfect for DJs, musicians, and entertainers, the EVERSE 12 offers rich, clear, and loud sound quality that keeps the party alive.

What does this powerful output, expansive coverage pattern, and profound bass mean for you? It means you can achieve professional sound in nearly any environment, indoors or outdoors, with a sleek, convenient, portable package. No matter where you place it, the EVERSE 12 projects sound far and wide to cover as much area as possible.


Powering Longer Playtimes


The EVERSE 12 isn’t just about volume—it’s about endurance. Its custom Li-ion battery powers over 12 hours of playtime at 100 dB and over 6 hours at max output. You can enjoy your music for longer periods without worrying about draining the battery. With its IP43 weatherized design, you can take it everywhere, from indoor gigs to outdoor events.


Unparalleled Wireless Control


The EVERSE 12 provides exceptional wireless control options. The QuickSmart Mobile app allows you to adjust audio, effects, and mix functions directly from your phone or tablet. You can pair it with up to six Bluetooth-equipped Electro-Voice speakers for a surround sound experience. Plus, it supports Bluetooth true wireless stereo streaming, letting you enjoy your favorite tracks in high fidelity.  This makes it perfect for public address as it can be placed in any environment, and scaled to cover much larger areas than the traditional “Battery powered speaker”.


Exceptional Sound Quality


The secret to the EVERSE 12’s superior sound quality lies beneath its grille. A woofer and compression driver, combined with a patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) ported waveguide, enhances low-frequency extension and ensures even vertical and horizontal coverage across all frequencies—all within a compact enclosure. “Powered by Dynacord,” these components utilize a high-efficiency 400 W Class-D amplifier and DSP module, developed in partnership with EV’s sibling brand.


User-Friendly Design


The EVERSE 12 offers ease of use and flexibility. It includes a four-channel digital mixer, studio-quality effects, mode presets, phantom power, feedback suppression, and audio ducking. With a single-knob encoder and an intuitive interface, you can easily sculpt your sound.  This means that no matter where you are, you can ensure your audience has the most pleasant listening experience possible.


Versatility Coupled with Durability


The design of the EVERSE 12 is as adaptable as it is robust. With a soft-touch handle and lightweight construction, transporting it is effortless. You can mount it on a tripod, use it as a stage wedge, or position it at adjustable angles for upward projection. Plus, its IP43 weather-resistant rating ensures it can withstand splashes and light rain during Bluetooth streaming when powered by a battery.  Pair with the EV bag for even more flexibility for outdoor gigs.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, the EVERSE 12 is an all-encompassing powerhouse that will undoubtedly impress any DJ, musician, or entertainer. With its superior sound quality, extended battery life, wireless control, and rugged design, it stands out from the crowd of portable speakers. The EVERSE 12 is more than just a speaker—it’s a game changer.

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Purchase the EVERSE 12 at our partner site DJSupplyStore.com 

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