We’ve talked a lot about moving head spots and beam lights in the past. One effect that we feel gets looked over, however, is the moving wash. We recently got our hands on a pair of the JMAZ Aero Wash 710Z, and after working these into some of our own gigs, we’ve seen how they can elevate our events to a new level. In this DJs Guru JMAZ Aero Wash 710Z review and deep dive, we’ll tell you all about our experience using these and why almost any DJ should consider a pair of moving head wash lights.

jmaz aero wash 710z review

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Why a moving wash?

So what even is a moving wash? Unlike the moving head spot fixtures that almost everyone is familiar with, a moving head wash does not have a gobo wheel. Instead of projecting a focused pattern in the air or on the dancefloor, it projects a diffuse, wide beam of light. The light spreads out to cover a larger area and has a softer edge than a comparable beam or spot fixture.

There are many benefits to a moving wash. Instead of focusing an intense beam of light in a single area (and potentially a guest’s eyes), a wash light provides a more 360-degree, immersive experience. As mobile DJ lighting moves away from cheap effects and toward an all-encompassing “experience,” a moving wash seems like the perfect moving head solution.

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I’ve never heard of the Aero Wash 710Z – What is it?

When you first hear about the JMAZ Aero Wash 710Z, you may wonder what on earth the model number means. It’s a lot simpler than you think – 710 just means there are seven 10-watt RGBW LED diodes inside the light. That’s some serious output power! Having RGBW means whiter whites and a much wider color palette than a basic RGB light.

jmaz aero wash 710z

But what about the “aero” part of the name? Well, we’ve taken a look at JMAZ Aero lights before. If you have read our past reviews, you’ll remember that the Aero line of lights offers both battery-power and wireless DMX capability. In the case of the Aero Wash 710Z, up to 8 hours of runtime on a charge! When you pull up to an event, using these lights is as simple as pulling them out of their case, setting them where you need them, and turning them on. That’s it.

The JMAZ Aero Wash 710Z has a few other great features up its sleeve. The “Z” in the name stands for zoom, meaning the 710Z can change its beam angle easily. It can go from a tight 6-degree beam all the way out to a wide 60-degree beam angle. Each of the super bright LED diodes is pixel-mappable, allowing for completely custom DMX eye-candy effects.

Also in the box is an included RF remote control. RF (radio-frequency) can work without line of sight, allowing you to control the light from a great number of places at your event. The remote has a lot of control options, including the ability to change modes, adjust strobe frequency, and more. On the light itself, you can also modify the pan, tilt, and other functions to limit the range of the light.

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JMAZ Aero Wash 710Z – Real-Life Testing

Specs are great and all, but actually getting the lights into use is the true test. Hauling the JMAZ Aero WASH 710Z to some of our gigs is what convinced us of how great moving washes are. The 710Z easily filled the space with rich, vibrant colors. The light enveloped the entire venue, including the dance floor, walls, and ceiling. Movements were smooth and the zoom feature added a lot of variety to what would otherwise seem to be a simple light. Make sure you check out our real-world event footage here to see how the 710Z performed.

The built-in LCD allowed for really easy tweaks to the lights’ position at our event. We didn’t want our lights shining into peoples’ eyes, so with a few button pushes we limited the tilt to a smaller range. After switching back to auto mode, the light stayed shining on the ceiling as it went through its movements. Just like that, without any DMX programming, we tailored the light to our event.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, we think DJs are sleeping on moving head wash lights. The output of these fixtures is phenomenal and they added a new dimension to our events. Even the pictures and video from our events turned out better thanks to the monstrous output of the JMAZ Aero Wash 710Z. For many DJs, we don’t usually use fog or haze at our events. A moving head wash like the 710Z offers an eye-catching effect without the need for atmosphere such as fog – in situations like this, it clearly outperforms a moving head spot.

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