In a world that is “Prime” for integration and consolidation, we now have the Rane One Serato Controller which opens the door to the Rane brand at an “All in one” price point never before available.

First Look.

ONE LOVE with the new RANE ONE All-in-One Serato DJ Controller, a new performance controller that is next generation ready. The new Rane One All-in-One Serato DJ controller opens the world of Rane DJ to a broader audience with it’s space and cost saving design.  All without compromising the build quality and feature set that you’ve come to expect from Rane.

The Rane DJ ONE controller takes everything you know and love about the Rane Twelves and Rane Seventy mixer and consolidates those features into “ONE”, single piece of gear with a smaller overall footprint.  This consolidation is what allows the feature list to be so long, while at a price point under $1500.  Now, of course this smaller footprint will be different from using the Rane Twelves (Which have a standard turntable sized platter), and the Seventy mixer separately.  We’ll be interested to touch and feel it when it comes in the next few weeks.

Without having seen it in person yet, we can’t give a true opinion but we like what we see so far in the features and the specs and we can’t remember the last Rane product that wasn’t a game changer can you?  From what we’re told this is very similar to using 2 smaller Twelves and a slimmed down Seventy mixer, which features wise makes sense .  For now here are the surface level features and specs which include the Magvel contactless fader, dual usb inputs and seamless Serato integration.


•7.2-inch Motorized Platters with Quick Release Acrylic Disks
•Trusted RANE Build Quality and Feel
•Instant Access Software FX with 2 Metal FX Paddles
•Ultra-light MAG FOUR Crossfader
•High/Low-pass Filter & 3 Band EQ
•Dedicated Loop Controls
•Independent Multi-Mode Performance Pads Including Serato Scratch Banks
•Turntable Style Start/Stop


• XLR Main & Booth Outputs
• (2) Line/Phono Inputs
• (2) TRS/XLR Microphone Inputs
• (2) USB Computer Connections
• Portable DJ Controller (24lbs / 10kg)
• Serato DJ Pro Included (paid upgrade to Serato DVS)

We look forward to our follow up review on the Rane One Serato DJ Controller after a deep dive with it, it is expected to hit stores to buy online in February, at the $1499 price point.  Questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below or feel free to contact us directly.  Let us know how we can help and check out our instructors where Rane trade show performance DJ, DJ Shortee is available to teach you her world class style. 

Check out some more pictures below and comment or send in the advice form to connect with us directly.  See you on the flip side! 


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