Not too long ago, we created an overview of the popular RCF ART series speakers. The article was a hit, and now we’re back again with another RCF product guide. This time, we’re taking a look at RCF’s D Line series. Now in its fifth generation, the D Line series from RCF is both robust and affordable. The range spans 5 models from 10″ to 15″ woofers and offers a little something for everybody. In this RCF D Line series overview, we’ll talk about the features common to all models and what makes each individual speaker different.


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RCF D Line Series – What’s the same

Much like the ART series entering its 9th generation, the 5th generation of the RCF D Line series packs many upgrades and refinements. Over the years, RCF has been able to tweak and modify the internal components and external appearance of this line to produce a loudspeaker with phenomenal value for the price. The speaker is optimized for musicians and DJs on the road as well as rental companies looking for a speaker that can take a beating. Below are a few features shared among all models.


Cabinet Design

RCF D Line series 1The cabinet for all D Line series speakers is compact for the respective woofer size. This makes the speakers easy to transport and set up. Despite their size, the cabinet is robust and “rental proof,” as RCF says. The propylene composite cabinet has 3 handles with rubber grips and a design allowing the speaker to be used in pole-mount or monitor configurations.



Powerful Transducers

RCF D Line series 2RCF puts a lot of R&D into its transducers. Even within the D Line series speakers, they come in a variety of sizes to match the individual speaker. They’re built to handle high temperatures and extended uses. Behind each one is a ferrite magnet that provides maximum power with minimal weight. The drivers are also cooled with specially designed cooling fins for optimum efficiency.


FiRPHASE Technology

Responsive ImageWe previously spoke about RCF’s FiRPHASE tech in our ART 9 series overview. In a nutshell, it allows for coherent distribution of sound for all listeners without phase distortions. Using an algorithm and measurement of the speaker phase, the D Line Series speakers are able to adapt the phase without messing with equalization. They’re also able to take into account the weak points of the transducers and the resonances/cancellations of the cabinet. While RCF has an in-depth technical paper on the science behind this audio magic, we just know it means serious sound.


Simple Ins and Outs

Responsive ImageLike the ART 9 series, RCF has opted to take a simple approach to connections. The D line series itself has a very straightforward mixer section. The mixer has a single XLR and 1/4″ input connection with balanced output. The input sensitivity can be switched between the mic and line with a toggle switch. A volume knob, low-end boost toggle, and indicator lights round out the back speaker panel.



To see the full suite of RCF D Line Series Speakers and Accessories Click Here



RCF D Line Series – Model Breakdown

Now that we’ve gotten the basics of the D Line series out of the way, let’s talk about individual models in the lineup. We’ll give a brief overview of each speaker and then give a few suggestions on the best applications for each model.



rcf hd 10-a

The smallest RCF D line series speaker is the HD 10-A MK5. Within its compact cabinet is a 1″ high-frequency driver and 10″ woofer with a 2″ voice coil. Despite its size, the onboard 800-watt amplifier pumps out an impressive 128dB max SPL. It has a fairly standard 90 by 60-degree dispersion from its horn, providing a wide, even soundstage. At only 26lbs, it would be easy for DJs, bands, and performers of any size to throw this speaker up on a stand.

Best applications: Singer-songwriters, corporate rentals, coffee shop guitarists, wedding ceremonies, retail background music applications, DJ booth monitor


RCF HD12AIf you are sure you want an RCF D line series speaker but aren’t sure which, go for the HD 12-A. The 12″ powered PA speaker is the most versatile audio tool in the toolbox, and the HD 12-A is a worthy contender. There are some big steps up from the 10-A to the 12-A. The amplifier gets a healthy boost to 1400 watts, increasing the max SPL to 130dB. The high-frequency driver itself also gets an upgrade from 1″ to 1.4″. This larger compression driver offers a smoother, more linear frequency response across the entire audio spectrum. Even without a subwoofer, there is healthy bass response, with the 12″ woofer extending to 45 Hz on the low end.

Best applications: Mobile DJ work, wedding receptions, gyms, small band monitors, installed sound, house of worship, and more


RCF HD15-A MK5 Powered PA Speaker Package with 15" WooferThe largest woofer offered in the series is 15″ and it’s found in the HD 15-A. If you’re looking to get the maximum low-end output without a subwoofer, the HD 15-A may be the option for you. The compression driver moves up again, from 1.4″ to 1.75″. With each increase in size, we get a lower crossover point between the highs and lows. This leads to a smoother, more even transition between the tweeter and woofer. The tradeoff with a larger speaker, of course, is the size and weight. Now tipping the scales at 48 pounds, the HD 15-A isn’t quite as easy to lug around as the HD 10-A.

Best applications: Small band FOH speakers, school dance DJs, large corporate seminars, outdoor live sound, rental inventory


rcf hdm 45-aThe RCF HDM 45-A is the biggest and most powerful speaker in the D-line series. Like the HD 15-A, it sports a 15″ woofer. However, thanks to a beefier 2200W amplifier, the HDM 45-A is able to produce a powerful 133dB max SPL. This is a noticeable jump from the other HD models and a welcome upgrade for those looking for maximum output. The compression driver also gets an upgrade with a 1.4″ throat and a massive 4″ voice coil.

The biggest change for the HDM 45-A, however, is the inclusion of RCF’s RDNet technology. Connecting RCF products through the RDNet system offers users a wide range of control and speaker tuning over a single cable. Adjustments such as source level and EQ are the obvious parameters available for control. However, for advanced operators, RDNet also contains controls for delay settings, grouping, and even subwoofer arrays. In addition to control, users can monitor a speaker’s fan speed, temperature, VU Meters, peak levels, and much, much more.

Best applications: small club installations, medium bar installations, house of worship, high-end mobile DJ work, live sound 


Final Thoughts

The RCF D Line series speakers offer the clarity and power RCF is known for in a compact, robust, and affordable package. Meant to handle the abuse of the road and rental work, these speakers represent a phenomenal value in the powered PA speaker market. When you need a set of speakers to show up and perform day after day, year after year, the RCF D Line series is worth reaching for.


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